Turtle Mountain News News from the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Nation. Artspace Minot Project http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=59 Artspace Minot Project/TMTAA Gallery/Trading Post Ground Breaking http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=62 ArtSpace Minot Project Ground Breaking held on September 25, 2012 Art Gallery Move http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=63 Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association Moves to Belcourt Heritage Center Christmas http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=64 The Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association is sending out Christmas greetings to all of our friends, families and benefactors. New Year 2013 http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=65 Happy New Year to all of our friends near and far, we appreciate all you do for the arts and our local artists. Colorectal Awareness "Wear Blue" http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=66 Tribal Health Education encourage you to recognize March 1, 2013 as National Dress in Blue Day in the Turtle Mountain Reservation area. Your support will raise awareness about colon cancer and how screening can save lives. Colorectal Cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable. Get tested if you are 50 or have a family history of colorectal cancer Polys don't always cause symptoms Colorectal cancer affect both women and men Found early, treatment can be veryt effective and save your life Local Updates http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=67 Check back for local updates 2012-2013 Annual Reports http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=69 2012-2013 Annual Reports are available at the Turtle Mountain Head Start Office. Summer 2014 http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=70 Heart Of The Turtle Native American Art Gallery Contempory Tribal Leaders Listing http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=93 Financials Page Created http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=94 Tribal Codes http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=92 In Loving Memory of Officer Colt Allery 4599 http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=95 Public Notice http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=111 July Newsletter http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=112 Department of Public Instruction http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=105 Turtle Mountain Days 2017 Schedule http://tmbci.org/news?news_id=110