Healthy Families Home Visitation Program

The Benefits


The Benefits of HFA are proven, significant, and impact a wide range of family and child outcomes.

Improves Parenting Attitudes

HFA families show positive change in their perspectives on paretning roles and responsibilities.

Inceases knowledge of child development

HFA parents read to their children at early ages provides appropriate learning material, are are more involved in their chid's activites, all factors associated with positive child development.

Promotes Positive Parent-Child Interaction

HFA parent demonstrate better communication with, and responsiveness to, their children. This interaction is an important factor in social and emotional readiness to enter school.

Improves Family Health

HFA improves parents' access to medical servies, leading to high rates of well-baby visits and high immunizations rates. HFA also helps increase breast feeding, which is linked to many benefits for both babies and moms.

Preventgs Child Abuse and Neglects

HFA has a significant impact on preventing child maltreatment, particularly demostrated in recent randomized control trials.

Service Initations

Initiate Services prenatally or at  birth to 2 weeks of age. Use a standardized assessment tool to systematically identify families who are most in need of service. Offer services voluntarily and use positive outreach efforts to build family trust.

Service should be culturally competent; materials used should reflect the diversity of populations served

Services are comprehensive, focusing on supporting the parent as well as supporting parent-child interaction and child development.