Turtle Mountain Head Start

Vision Statement and Philosophy

Vision Statement

Turtle Mountain Chippewa Head Start Partners with Parents, Touches Minds, and Shapes Futures


The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Head Start Program is a comprehesive, inter-disciplinary program based on the philosophy that Head Start is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children from economically disadvantaged families. Social completence is the child's everyday effectiveness in dealing with both present environment and later responsibilites in school and life.

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa recognizes that families are our most valuable resource, that the future of the tribe is with the children, and that an effective Head Start program is reflective to the community culture with respect for the diversity of the children and families served.

We believe that we can build on the knowledge and skills that children bring with them, and that children benefit from varied age and developmentally appropriate experiences, which include learning from peers and adults. The Head Start experience comes in a child's most formative years and may well be preserved in lifelong friends and memories; this relects the theory that children are America's future.