Tribal Transit

Transportation Department

1300 Ogema Road

P.O.BOX 900

Belcourt ND, 58316


Contact: Ron Trottier Or Alice Lunday

Tribal Transit Program

The Turtle Mountain Tribal Transit Program (TTP) is federally funded dthrough the department of Transportation-Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The program is designed to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective, Tribal public transit services.

Type of Transit Service

The Tribal Transit Program offers a Fixed-Deviated Transit Service, which operates along a Fixed- Deviated-Route and  keeps a timetable, but the buses can deviate (up to 1 mile) from the fixed route to go to a specific locations with and advance notice reservation, which is required.

Once the sceduled pick-up and drop-off is made, the bus goes back to that pleace along the route that it deviated from.

  • The Tribal Transit Program reserves the right to change the schedule and cost at anytime and are not responsible for accidents.

Closure/Delays due to weather or other Emergencies

  • In case of sever weather conditions every effort will be made to get all passengerts returned to their homes as quickly as possible.
  • Transit service delays or cancellation are announced on KEYA 88.5 FM radio stations.
  • The Tribal Transit program assumes no responsibility for claims resulting from delays, failure to make connections, schedule changes, act of nature, etc.

Refusal of Service

The Turtle Mountain Tribal Transit Program reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person who is not willing to abide by the passenger rules

Discrimination Statement

No one shall be denied a ride based on race, color, national orgin, religion, sex, physical or mental disablility, martial status, political affilation, publice assistance status, sexual orientation, military status or status as a U.S. Verteran. If you believe  you have been discriminated against, please submit a written complaint to the Tribal Transportation Director or call (701)-477-0407