Road Maintenance


Program Overview
The programs, functions, services and activities (PFSA’s) to be performed by the Tribe include:
The Tribe will assume all contractible road maintenance and related functions required to preserve, upkeep and restore eligible Indian Reservation Roads, including but not limited to the BIA Road System and Tribal Road system located on the Turtle Mountain Reservation, rights-of-way and structures, as nearly as possible or practicable to their original condition within available funding, including those administrative activities supportive of but not included as part of the service delivery program that are otherwise contractible, without regard to the organizational level within the Department of Interior, that carries out such functions associated with the BIA Road Maintenance Program serving the Turtle Mountain Reservation.  Indian Reservation Roads have the meaning as defined in regulations for the IRR Program (25 CFR § 170.5). the inventory associated with this contract are the roads, bridges and other eligible transportation facilities listed in the Department of Interior’s Road Inventory Field Data System (RIFDS) for the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians , as amended for time to time.  These PFSA’s include but are not limited to, the following: 
a.) Daily operation and administration of the Road Maintenance Program at the Turtle Mountain Agency, including routine and emergency road maintenance services and other authorized functions included in 25 CFR Part 170, Appendix A to Subpart G – List of activities Eligible for Funding Under BIA Transportation Facility Maintenance Program;
b.) Establishing and operating a Tribal Road Maintenance Program;
c.) Required maintenance and replacement of equipment;
d.) Operator Training and Certifications;
e.) Staff capacity development (technical, managerial, and financial);
f.) Subject to available funds, developing, implementing and maintaining an IRR Transportation Facility Maintenance Management System (TFMMS) as authorized under 25 CFR Part 170, Subpart G;
g.) Purchase or Lease Equipment;
h.) Purchase of Road Maintenance Supplies;
i.) Performing required chip sealing;
j.) Maintaining Indian Reservation Road bridges;
k.) Performing regular road maintenance (which includes surface pavement patching, surface blading, slope maintenance, weed control, ditch cleaning, culvert pipe cleanout, removing small slides, repairing minor flood damage, sign replacement, spot graveling, moving ditches and other incidental routine work required to keep roads in reasonably good condition and is performed regularly on main traffic roads;
l.) Perform occasional road maintenance activities (which includes work on an intermittent basis to paved surface roadways that shall include the application of asphalt rejuvenating agents and seal coating to applicable roads on a five to seven year cycle); and
m.) Provide such additional road maintenance activities as the Tribe may catty out pursuant to the ISDA the Safe, Affordable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity act: A Legacy of Users (SAFETEA-LU), 25 CFR Part 170, and other applicable laws and regulations.