Road Construction

Mission Statement

“Provide a Tribal Transportation system that will ensure fast, convenient, accessible and safe transport of people, goods, and services; while integrating safe alternatives for healthier living to enhance the quality of life for tribal members, visitors, and future generations.”
The objectives of the Department of Transportation are as follows:
1. To provide a single administrative department which addresses feasibility studies, for planning and implementing of various transportation activities within the Tribal Transportation system.
2. To improve the Tribes transportation needs by establishing a coordinated government-to-government relationship with federal, state, county and other agencies as it relates to transportation matters.
3. To advise the Tribal Council of the most appropriate contract format to maximize profits on a project by project basis and the Tribes ability to finance and sustain the Department of Transportation and its activities through contract formatting.
4. To monitor and assess all activities for all modes of transportation including roads, bicycle paths, walkways/sidewalks, bridges, rail, freight, water and air.
The Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation Roads Program 
Road construction standards and specifications are strictly adhered to ensure the highest quality and safest road available. Engineering standards and specifications must follow the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Offices (AASHTO), as well as, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Road Construction Manual (BIAM 5704) requirements. The Construction Program receives its funding through a Federal Highway Administration Indian Reservation Road Program Funding Agreement between the Tribe and FHWA.